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i'm sorry if this picture blows up

interests: art, music, guitar, shows, singing, rain, sunshine, hugs, painting, drawing, writing, harry potter, ps2, friends, being goofy, fashion, thrifting, finding good deals, making clothes, photography, summer, cartoons, the equator, the cove, the roof, memories, smiles, piercings

music: q and not u, bright eyes, look west, tbs, tsl, alkaline trio, jack johnson, 2 skinnee j's, gob, the donnas, the beautiful mistake, the lyndsay diaries, thrice, story of the year, the used, glassjaw, silverchair, deftones, incubus, brand new, atreyu, the get up kids, saves the day, weezer, the flaming tsunamis, the superspecs, throne, renata, acronym, thursday, zwan, northstar, ambry, ash, flogging molly and more.
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